A single drop of tear slid down her cheek as she stood waving at the train. Her closest friend was returning home after a long stay with her. This was probably the last time she would see him in Hyderabad, probably the last time he would give her a quick surprise, probably the last time she would ever meet him for a few years.

A slow emotion had been creeping inside her lately, since the last few months in fact, the cold stark feeling of things changing, the oncoming of a transition. Wasn’t she happy about this, after all, it was her choice. She was getting married to her college sweetheart. She was going to build their own simple life in Europe. She was going to stay with him forever.

Forever  seemed a lost word for her. Nothing lasts that long she said to herself as she looked at Anna.

Anna, her room-mate of four years, held her hand and smiled reassuringly, a smile that said everything was going to be just fine. Anna, the quirky sweet girl, her agony aunt, her partner in crime and her companion, was not going to be there with her in Europe. She never thought she could live without her, for everything seemed just comfortable when she was around. They even completed each others thoughts. She reminisced about their weekend Movie dates, midnight Frozen Yoghurt  sessions, cafe hopping and those sweet little house parties. Their bucket list of eateries, written on the white board, was going to remain unfinished forever.

She had loved her job, the people around at work and outside. She would not miss them individually for she never got so attached to any of them but the sum of the whole, the entire work place had been a happy cheerful place and she could never complain about it. She wondered if at her new work place, she would find a similar Sonali for coffee partner and funny young girls as lunch mates.

Europe is always going to be more beautiful than this place, that’s what Anna had said last week. But now she slowly grasped the underlying attraction of this city.  Hyderabad had thrown something new at her every day, new places to eat, Plays, Shilpa ramam, cultural retreats, KBR Park, Necklace Road and so much more. She had, in the last two years, experienced only little from what the city had to offer. She had never even explored the old parts of the city, the ones that had their own history.

History is what her life in Hyderabad would become. Each scrabbled note, a random picture, an old restaurant bill, her insta page, even a torn airport tag would then remind her of what her life was here.

At thirty, she was going to experience a new world, again.



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