All It Takes..

A single strand of her brown hair fell out of her bun, its blue colored tip tickling my face. She could sense it but she continued to drive the scooter silently. She was relishing the cool wind blowing on her face. She drove faster, greedily, to soak in more, not wanting to leave even a … Continue reading All It Takes..


All Bags Packed..

John Denver's timeless classic plays in the background,'Leaving on a Jet plane'. As I finished packing for the next journey, for a new job, a new country, I realized my heart, like my bags, felt heavier. A part of me, I knew, would remain in the city. However I was taking more than what I was going … Continue reading All Bags Packed..

Three Is A Company!

Not long ago, engaging in talks with a fellow traveler on common interests usually made my journey memorable. An interesting conversation, however, is a rarity these days, owing to the perverse social media. Fortunately, a two hour flight to Mumbai last week gifted me a wonderful interaction. My seat was 10A, Window. The girl on the aisle … Continue reading Three Is A Company!