Walking Back Home

There he was, waiting for her at the bus stop, with a reassuring smile on his face, wearing his white Nike sneakers and wielding the polished black walking stick. For Anwesha, her grandfather or Ajoba as she called him, was the only one who could answer all her questions eagerly. The others never understood or … Continue reading Walking Back Home


Grandpa’s Art Classes

As soon as the door opened, Anwesha headed straight to the balcony. That is where she would find her grandfather at this hour of the day, sipping tea on his favorite recliner and soaking the sounds and sights of a rainy Mumbai evening. Only grandfather, she knew, had the right answers for her burgeoning list … Continue reading Grandpa’s Art Classes


'Anokhi, Any day this week', those were Doctor saheeba's only words, accompanied by her usual reassurance, ¬†a soft pat on my cheek. She had once professed that I had been her prettiest subject. Unsurprisingly, she had attended many young women, most of them in dire straits. My wretched state of affairs was inflicted upon me … Continue reading Resilience.