What Do You Think?

Dear Reader,

How have you been doing?

It’s been a long time since I spoke to you.
I have been in a dilemma, you see.

There are these small moments, little things that make me fall in love with her. The rest of the time, it’s seems like a great warm friendship. What should I do?

I understand it’s the same old world problem, but will you help me solve it? Well, let me explain.

There are these events, the unexpected overwhelming events that confound us greatly. Like you, I too do not understand what to do about them. But when I speak to her about this, she knows exactly what I feel before I can even define the feeling. She may console or chide me but I am always amazed at her clarity of me, my thoughts. What would I not do to have someone who knows me better than me?

Many a times, the innocent convent school girl she is, she would laugh at the adult jokes shared in a group, only to slyly open a separate chat asking what it really meant. While I explain the true meaning, feeling a little disgusted, she would cringe and change the topic. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend an entire life with someone so simple and silly.

Well, I am not that good at humour, you know it too. But when I do crack a rare one, mostly borrowed from someone, she would laugh, free-spirited, loud and indulgent, relishing it without inhibitions.
And you fall in love with her again, without inhibitions.

Aren’t you late for your meetings ever? Well I am, most of the times. Call me for work, for lunch, for dinner or even a movie, and I’ll trudge along an hour late. I am also ever ready for the nice scolding that follows. But after the drama, you notice that she still saved a part of the dessert because she knows you love it. Those two spoons of dessert seems sweeter than anything.

These days, even if it’s a lonely walk from office, a crowded after-party at a friend’s apartment or just a normal day with nothing to do, I just yearn to talk to her. Even if I don’t have anything to say, dialing that one number and listening to that familiar voice is quite reassuring.

Now, you my friend, tell me which path must I chose?
Do I savor this wonderful friendship or chase the delirious feeling of falling in love with her?

I shall wait for your answers.



8 thoughts on “What Do You Think?

    1. Still under process! I meant growing up.
      As for being together, we can only hope that both the characters understand soon what’s truly brewing!


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