For My Daughter…

Dear Samirah Wish you a happy Eighteen Birthday. Hope this year brings out the best in you and teaches you many important facets of life. This letter, my gift for today, I hope, would teach you one such aspect. Do you remember the picture on your grandfather's desk? That one was taken on your fourth … Continue reading For My Daughter…


Baked for Love

Saturday mornings are for change, experimentation, to add multitudes of color to the monochromatic life between Monday and Friday. Like a pure corporate, agendas and lists are written for this day too, not ones that you are compelled to act on, but the little things that would add a smile on your face. This weeks … Continue reading Baked for Love


He froze. A familiar music, too deeply connected to his past, wafted through the humid air. The aluminium bucket, his revered tool, slipped out of his hand. He moved himself closer to the source of the music. His Mother's lullaby, an old Subramanya Bharathi ballad, played from inside the house. He was shattered into million … Continue reading Liberation.


'Anokhi, Any day this week', those were Doctor saheeba's only words, accompanied by her usual reassurance,  a soft pat on my cheek. She had once professed that I had been her prettiest subject. Unsurprisingly, she had attended many young women, most of them in dire straits. My wretched state of affairs was inflicted upon me … Continue reading Resilience.