Diary of Prince George

This is a fictional diary entry of Prince George on the occasion of his meeting with US President Barack Obama.
Picture courtesy: gq magazine


23rd April, 2016
Last night, Mother allowed me to stay awake way past my usual bed time. She told me some special guests were coming to meet me. I asked her whether the guest was a King or a Prince, for which she stared at me for a moment, scratched her head and walked out of my room. Mother always did that when she did not know the answers to my questions. I did not complain since I always liked staying up late.

I requested Albert, my butler, to dress me up in my best pyjamas. The royal blue was not available and so I had to settle for the light blue one. I insisted on wearing my favourite bathrobe and aeroplaneĀ slippers with it, which however, did not please Albert.

I tiptoed into the living room hoping to surprise my great grandmother. I was disappointed to know that she was not going to visit us today. I decided to go meet her and jumped into my white rocking horse and rode away till I reached her house. As soon I reached Buckingham Palace, Mother called me back to meet the special guest.

Uncle Obama, as Father introduced me, seemed to be a kind person. He got down to his knees, shook my hand and gifted me a box of chocolates. He asked me how I were. So I told him ‘ I am Good Uncle. Where are you from?’ He said he was from a far away place called America. Everyone laughed when I asked him if was it near Manchester. I did not understand the joke and so I began opening the gift box. I noticed Mother Catherine staring at me from the corner. Having understood her message, I gave the box to her.

I jumped back onto my rocking horse and began riding when Albert dropped in to remind me I had to sleep now. Mother gave me a goodnight kiss. Mother asked me to thank Uncle Obama for the rocking horse he had gifted me earlier. After that, I wished my father and Uncle Obama goodbye and promised to write a letter to him soon.

I walked past my sister’s bedroom to find her sleeping soundly. I remembered we had to play together early the next morning and I rushed to my room. Albert helped me undress. I jumped into my bed and wished him goodnight as he switched off the lights and closed my door.

It was a lovely meeting. I shall paste the picture in my journal.


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