A Revelation With Tango

The conversation seemed long. As I looked up, I could not recognise the person. His face and voice appeared to be familiar. He looked like an old acquaintance from college. I had zoned out again only to find myself in an unusual surrounding, the ice cream shop in my college food court. Loud music and announcements in the background created an apparent scene of my college festival,however it was muffled and incomprehensible. As if to answer the question of my haziness, I noticed my fingers around the stem of a glass of white wine.

Someone tapped my shoulder. I realised the stranger in front of me had vanished. In place stood a pretty girl; wearing a white shirt with brown buttons, grey designer pants, untied long black wavy hair,the black hair band on her wrist, blood-red lips, thick kohl lined graceful eyes and a smile that would mesmerize the Universe. She asked me if I were fine. I had no answer. She had a sweet voice and a powerful scent and resembled Abignya, my oldest friend. I could not however ascertain if it was her due to my faint senses.

She drew me in the midst of the dance floor, which I had not seen before. Neither had I noticed the crowd around which stared at us and applauded. She took me into an embrace and whispered something. She took my hands on her waist and enticed me to dance with her. We performed a sensuous tango and I felt my blood rising as she slowly hung herself around my arms. She lunged forward and swung out. I gave her a swirl and pulled her in. We were in a close embrace when she kissed me. After the brief intimacy that followed, she let out a loud laugh and pulled me out of the crowd.

We walked into the dark alley hand in hand. I was flushing with happiness and haziness. I tried to archive this moment deep into my memory but however everything around seemed blurred. The indistinct buildings and signboards made me pause for a moment. I realised the girl had vanished into the foggy night.

It was almost five am when I fell out of the wonderful dream. It was still dark and cold outside. The recollection of the tango with my close friend made me feel lighter and I smiled.

The subconscious had revealed what my heart truly wanted.



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