An Unexpected Visitor

Who was he?
I did not get an answer from anyone. As soon as he walked inside our house, everyone got busy attending to him, especially Mother. She seemed so elated. I do not remember her being this excited. She was wearing a bright blue dress, a new one maybe. I had not seen her wear it ever before. I know my Mother, I observe her everyday. This was a different side of her.

The past few days, everyone, Grandpa, Grandma and Mother were cleaning and decorating the house. I knew my Fifth birthday arrived only in the month of June, which I can count, is two months later. I wondered why they were decorating the house so early. Grandfather smirked when I asked him this question. He said I was going to get a surprise in two days. I like surprises but I couldn’t wait for two days. I asked him again. That’s when Mother crept in the room and hushed him up. I do not like it when no one gives me an answer.

I hid myself in my favorite corner, behind the door. I studied him from the gaps between the hinges, so that he is not able to see me. He was tall and fair, in fact fairer than Mother, had short hair, wore glasses and had a checkered shirt on him. He also had a box of chocolates which made him seem like a nice person. I heard him ask for me. I jumped from my spot and hid under the bed.

Had I heard his voice before?
Had I seen him somewhere long back?

I think I had spoken to him over the telephone. I think I had seen his picture in my Mother’s wedding album.

Mother entered the room and laughed when she found me crunched under the table.
She pulled me out and tidied my clothes.

Who is that Ma?
He is your surprise present.

But why is it a surprise?
Well, He quit his job in Dubai. We all are going to live together finally.
She had a beaming smile on her face.

Ma, But why will he live here? Who is he?

That is precisely a question I should not have asked. Her face turned taut and the smile vanished. I got a nice hard tap on my head

He is your Father!

– Viché


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