An Afternoon Siesta

A single ray of sunlight slid inside the room through the gap between the curtain and the wall. It fell straight on Suman’s face, arousing him from a long nap. He stayed on the bed, making no effort to rise, and glanced around. The illustrated blue and white curtains, the white walls, the wide-screen TV, the red chairs, the white clock on top of the TV, his eyes absorbed each element in the room leisurely. It was nearly five in the evening but it was still bright and warm outside. Sitting inside the comfortable coolness of the room, he noticed the image of a solitary bird on the curtain, that seemed to flutter with each wave of the evening breeze. It eluded a deep sense of calm and an intense longing, for someone, for something.

Aarushi was still sleeping by his side, facing away, as he slowly pulled himself up. Suman slid his arm gently around her, locking in her fingers and resting his chin on her ear. He observed her slow rhythmic breathing, stared fascinatingly at her face. She stirred a little, realizing Suman’s presence and displayed a faint smile, yet not opening her eyes.

Can I ask you something, Aarushi?

What if today’s the day I die?
She slowly turned around, facing him with a little surprise.

Why do you have such wonderful thoughts on a Sunday afternoon?

That lonely bird on our curtain made me ponder. What if this is my last day?
Well, I would relish this wonderful last afternoon with you,sleep tight love!. And later change that damned curtain, she sighed.

That’s all? All you want is sleep on our last day together?
I think that’s all I need Suman. A nice Sunday afternoon siesta together.

My soul would depart unsatisfied then, Suman cried.
A little irritated but enjoying this weird conversation, Aarushi pulls him closer,
So mister, what does your soul really want?

With eyes wide, she waited for his answer. She knew he was not deeply philosophical, at least in their first two years of marriage.
What is it, Suman?

Well, My dear,  The soul deeply desires only two things on a Sunday afternoon. A warm cup of tea and a couple of Samosas.

Aarushi stared at him in disbelief, pushed him away and went back to her sleep.

She turned again and looked at Suman with a sly smile,
You know what, I shall make whatever you want and then ensure today is the day you die!


PS: Picture courtesy: OK Kanmani

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