All it took…

‘Please forgive me. Please don’t write me off.’ Somehow forgiving anyone had never come easy to her. She mulled the entire day, why did he, how could he, what should she. As confused as she had started, she found no answers. She did not understand why did he even have to tell her; not knowing was non complicated.

She knew they had never made any promises to each other, had never let convention define them or their friendship. Then why did the lie sting her, sink her heart into an abyss that seemed never ending. Because she thought out of all his friends, she was special, there was a connect that was just for her, with her. And that connect made her feel that she knew him,completely, more than anyone else, as if there existed a part of his heart which only she had access to. The truth just scared her. Were there other faces to him, that she did not know of or for others. With each minute doubts multiplied and questions became impressions. And these thoughts seemed to act as the engine that drove her heart dwindling down.

Maybe that is the beauty of forgiving, you will never know if this can happen to you again or not. There is no logic as to why a person deserves forgiveness. It is just like charity, instead of money you are giving that person a very fragile part of you to keep safe. It is your one sided trust that you need to extend, that the person will safeguard that part of you and leave the rest to fate. This trust comes from a place of unconditional love.

After a long day at work and long chain of thoughts through her day, she came down the lift, only to find him standing outside. He looked as if he was expecting an answer. She walked slowly to him, not knowing what she would do. They looked at each other for a moment before he bent down and she put her arms around him, hugging him tight. The tension suddenly dissolved. She closed her eyes, glancing at the far possibility. What would her life be without him? As she opened her moist eyes she found her answers.

– Viché


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