All Bags Packed..

John Denver’s timeless classic plays in the background,’Leaving on a Jet plane’. As I finished packing for the next journey, for a new job, a new country, I realized my heart, like my bags, felt heavier. A part of me, I knew, would remain in the city. However I was taking more than what I was going to leave. I packed a million memories gifted by my closest friends.

The greatest memories are of Adi. I wouldn’t dare call him my brother. He was not meant to be that. He  will always remain a friend who told you nonchalantly that you are wrong. He taught me the most important lesson of life – To stick to something; not to time, not to promises, but to my dreams. Whilst chasing them you make no compromises. He also helped me learn the subtle art of maneuvering through the dingy by-lanes of a corporate set up. A little philosophy, a portion of diplomacy, large chunks of effort and a lot more of fun, that’s how he lives.

She cried out my name loud in midst of the crowd. A surreal beauty with lovely eyes, sweet voice and a perennial sense of excitement on her face. I felt surprised when Tara called me out that day. She dashed our presumptions of being Adi’s reticent wife. She is a composed person with streaks of wildness. Behind that adorable and confident persona  of Tara, lived Adi’s support system, the answers to his questions, his Holy Grail, the perfect piece to his puzzle. I have yearned for such a camaraderie all my life.

Only much later did I realize my life was well sorted, relatively. That was when I met Pranavi. When you listen to Coldplay’s paradise, she would be the girl they talk about. A fluttering little bird dreaming of conquering the world but not knowing where to start. Brimming with innocence, she always asked simple questions that put us all in deep thought. Her undying confusion was usually accompanied by massive hunger pangs. Every time, I was with her, I felt like a kid, enjoying each moment  with no worries of the adult world. .

Pranavi’s eccentricity could be tamed only by Ashrita. Silently, she would take care of all of us. She would float around and step in at the right moment to help us all.  She would know exactly when to do what. Although I met her quite late, she left a lasting impression. She protects you without letting you know. She defined the word responsibility for me. I just reread her short farewell note again.

There also exists that ubiquitous Sindhi guy who stood by my side during every trouble, specifically  the brawls that happened in the clubs and late night drives. Probably I wouldn’t miss him much, cause I may never step into another club without him; without him the party would never start for me.

They are a part of me now. I never know if life would be as much fun without them. For now, I look ahead to spend my days with their thousand memories.

PS: Dedicated to Abhi. Good Luck for your new life.


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