February 14, 2016

I had fallen in love.

The Kohl lined deep black eyes, straightened hair, radiant fair skin and the small nose together formed an epitome of beauty, for which a second glance was almost entirely a necessity.

I was aware of every minutiae of her life, her body and her actions. Her love for spicy Indian food, her occasional indulgence at The Oberoi, the only sushi meals at Wasabi, had all been excruciatingly described in my folders. Although she had a fine taste, her appetite wasn’t good.

In the last shelf of her wardrobe, lay an eclectic collection of books. She read Indian history with the same fervour as American politics. I also knew that her last few days had been spent in reading the wonderful book  Gideon’s Spies.

I knew every inch of her body. I was aware of her most intimate scars. I had, with much envy, accessed her eloquent and erotic letters to her multiple lovers. Her sensuality was as irresistible as her intellect.

Thanks to our man in the embassy, I knew that she had a return ticket booked for Brussels tonight. Through my network, I arranged for a cab for her. Waiting in the driver’s seat, I reread parts of my report.

June '15:
  Fifth name - Sarah. Works as a German translator in Mumbai.Lives in Colaba.
August '15:
  Naval officer is arrested for espionage.
  Honey trapped by German girl. Fair. Curly hair.
  Glasses. Deep black eyes. 
  Name- Madeira. Sketch received.
September '15:
  Identities confirmed. Search Order Initiated.
January '16:
  Detailed plan received. Agent,location,date confirmed.

As the dashboard clock flashed ten , I noticed her walking down the stairs. She looked wonderful. She had teamed the checked fluorescent orange shirt with her favorite denims.
She tapped my car window. I got down and opened the rear door for her. As I got back to the driver’s seat, I smoothed a solitary crease on my white uniform.

I asked her identity in the nicest way possible.
Sarah she told me, asked me to rush to the airport.

My bullet went right through her forehead.

She faced it with a smile.



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