On my way to School!

Not everyone in the world is  as lucky as me.When I got the letter with the hallowed Hogwarts seal,I thought it was a prank by my big fat brother. Only when my Aunt read the letter, gave a good amount of disgust, did I accept that I was the Chosen one.

In the Hogwarts express, which I had to board all by myself, I found a nearly empty cabin towards the end. She was sitting there alone in a corner.

She wore a pink headband, beyond which the hair was neatly plaited. On the right ear, a white plastic earring with a yellow smiley and on the left a yellow earring with a sad emoticon stuck in red; eyes covered by a sky Blue rimmed glasses which were three sizes bigger for her face. I looked up to find a plain red sackbag customized with innumerable hand made doodles. She noticed me staring through her big brown eyes.

I thought to myself
‘phew, she seems more eccentric than me. Reminds me of Luna Lovegood’
She turns her head up.

I gather courage and ask,
‘What are you?..I mean who are you?’

‘I am not Luna.’
I just kept staring post her shocking reply.

‘And you thought only you could read minds here?’
‘So that does make you more like Luna’ I exclaimed.

‘I am not so eccentric. I am more like a Hermione.’
‘If you are her, then I am Tom Marvolo Riddle’

‘Shhh. Haven’t your parents taught you that you shouldn’t utter his name.’
‘Why cant I tell my own name?’

‘I pity your sense of humor. You seem more a Weasley than the Dark Lord’
‘And with such snobbishness, you seem just like the Mudblood Hermione, except you are not pretty.’

‘Ah! I shall take that as a compliment.’
‘Before you take that, let me remind you what happens to Ron and Hermione at the end.’

‘Aah, I have a Victor Krum back home. I don’t worry about ending up with Weasleys.’

‘Damn him! Let me go back to being Voldemort.’

‘In fact, you do look like a noseless loser.’
She started to laugh.

I slowly unearth my wand.

‘Let me recite a poem, I read on Insta’

Roses are red
Violets are Blue
Avada Kedavra!!
I love you

The filthy little Mudblood did not complete her last last laugh.



One thought on “On my way to School!

  1. Funny, how Dumbledore ,”the most secretive man in wizarding world” revealed abt u being The Chosen One on the very first day! A good read though for the potterheads 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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