Mumbai Rains, Monday Blues

Deliver us from this heat, Oh Lord

This had been my prayer as we approached the weekend. It was best not to complain about the winter in Bombay. The mercury never dipped past a modest twenty.

My prayers were answered on the Sunday. A heavy downpour, accompanied mischievously by thunders, punctured the irreverent winter. Neither did I wish to get up nor did I contemplate of spending a rainy day on bed. It was meant for the cliched but much loved concept of a coffee and a book on the bed.

However as dusk arrived to reveal a breezy, cool night, something else too unveiled itself – The harrowing idea of a Monday morning. The rains helped me relax a bit unlike the other Sunday evenings.

The next day, I walked to the station at an unusually leisure pace,enjoying the pleasantries that the morning had to offer. The whole picture had been painted vividly with generous dollops of colour thrown in.

It started with the strong aroma of filter coffee. As I enjoyed the thick concoction, which awakened my spirits slowly with each sip, there seemed nothing wrong with this world.

The sparrows had been, especially, very ecstatic. They chirped their hearts away almost as if their whole society had congregated to discuss politics over the early morning cuppa.

The school children, the hoard of whom I pass by each day, seemed as joyous as only on a holiday. The multitude of their frowns and yawns were replaced by affable expressions of joy and gaiety.

I could hear a melodious Bengali song lamenting ‘Do you understand me?’ It filled me with a confused flow of mirth and melancholy. How I wished I could reply ‘Bhujena’ in a similar rhythm; that I am not able to comprehend the beauty of this morning.

The train too echoed with subtle laughter and subdued conversations. Although the travelers were glued to their screens like any regular day, they wore a distinctly visible smile today.

There is something about the rains in this city. It seems to nourish a powerful emotion that fades away all worries, even the usual Monday blues.

I think I fell in love again
With the Mumbai rains



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