The Scent Of A Woman

The past few months have been wonderful. Although we both had been burdened with work, effectively curbing our usual junk food retreats, we had managed to brew a thick concoction over WhatsApp. The virtual world never seemed to replace the need for a good old-fashioned date though.

An odd lazy Saturday granted us the hope of the well deserved date. The tiring week made us prefer a stakeout lunch at my bachelor pad.

Last time, she had come over on my birthday where my friends had really enjoyed her company. This week it was going to be just the two of us, a rather boring affair if you were to ask me before.

As soon as she entered, I smelt something. She was looking beautiful in her favorite white long sleeved kurti. I assumed it to be her perfume and even asked her for which she casually replied Brunolini. Something about it was bothering me. It seemed to remind of someone I had been with couple of years ago.
I went out to arrange something for our late lunch, trying to ebb the sudden emotional rush inside.

We decided to watch FRIENDS. She sat next to me with her head rested on my shoulder as I placed the Mac on my lap. I could feel the rush again. She noticed my discomfort and laughed.

‘Do I look so tempting today?’
‘You always do. But today I feel something weird. Your perfume unsettles me.’

She smiled and pulled me closer. I couldn’t sense anything else . I kissed her nape and she shuddered. The scent was as potent, if not more, as rage.I started exploring below the nape. Every inch of her bare back seemed to be bathed in it. We made love as we never had before. This memory, I knew then, would be etched with metal in my mind; an imprint never to leave.

I wondered and kept pondering about scent long after she left that night. The virtual world couldn’t have brought us as close as this. The mere memory of her fragrance unsettles me.

It is something I can not live without anymore.
The scent of my woman..

– Viché

(Part 2)


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