The Last Letter

Dearest one

Hope this letter meets you in the best of your health and spirits.

There is an old English saying – distance makes the heart grow fonder. This profoundly expresses my state. As we moved away consciously ,unknown to me, the bond grew thicker.

The question of how do I feel is out of concern. My answer is always going to be in positive despite the fact that I am not.
I would want all these concerns to be irrelevant. But to be true, the pain is still lingering deep inside.

I want to describe this emotion in the simplest way. I feel like I have lost a parent, a sister, or myself. In reality its the the loss of friendship that hurts the most. That’s precisely what I am being put through.

To acknowledge that we were different and not meant to be together is not the easiest thing to accept. Especially after years of understanding and sacrifices.

It would have been easier for me to move ahead without your thoughts had I hated you. And I cannot. For you have been the light of my life all this while. Even if you had done something wrong, I wouldn’t have been able to rebuke or condemn you. You reside in the quintessence of my heart and only death shall do us apart at least in here.

I sincerely apologize for cutting off all ties. I do not see any option wherein I can stay close to you and still stay apart. I hope you understand. I do not dwell in’maybes’ anymore. When the time comes, when you need me as a friend or as anything, I want you to call upon me. I want you to call me with complete trust and unbound love.

I promised to be there and I shall be there.




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