Whats Your Choice?

You become what you wish for.

In case of apples, one rotten apple can make the whole bunch bad.
However, we can choose to rot or to survive. We have a powerful tool – The choice

A very famous short story goes as follows

    Slums of Parel.

  • Father: Alcoholic, Used to work in the mills, Domestic abuser.
  • Mother: Neelima roy types, Domestic help, Domestically abused.
  • Elder brother: Local goon, Addict, Alcoholic.
  • Younger brother: White collar, Activist. Achiever.

Two brothers. A year apart in age. Miles apart in thoughts.
The stark difference?why?

The elder brother made it a mission in life to be stronger than his abusive father and protect his mother and brother. In this pursuit, he found his mentors in the local rowdies and ended up emulating his father.
The younger brother hated this life and decided to end their misery through education and hard work. And there he was on the top pedestal.

Both had the same picture. Same father. Same mother. Same surroundings.
In fact even the same set of roads ahead. But what differed was the path taken.

What are the options we are faced with?

  • Do I study in India or abroad?
  • Do I continue this job or quit?
  • Is she the right one?
  • Do I take the Auto or walk and save a few rupees?
  • Should I get a MacBook or stay without a laptop?
  • Should I install WhatsApp or Facebook?

We need to make a choice even in these trivialities.

As we all grow and explore life through different lenses, it is the choices that you make, that determines your success and happiness.

At every point of life, lets make the tougher choice, the long term choice and the choice that’s good for everyone and not just you.

The choice is still yours.



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