The new girl in my city…

Entering the third week of my corporate life, the question of change has been lingering on in my mind. There is duality in the perspective of change, we have a tendency to resist any change that comes in our life and at the same time we yearn for a change from the daily rote.

I have started working in Hyderabad, which is my birthplace, where I have spent the maximum years of my life. In between all the transitions from graduation, internships and post-graduation, this city has always been the stabilizing point. My base, my 0,0,0. But now, after my parents have moved to Bangalore, the city seems so new, different and almost unhomely. It’s a first for everything, the first time I ever sat in a local bus to get to work, going home by an auto instead of dad waiting for me at the station, even though he knows the train is going to be late.

But coming back to the fundamental question of change; should we let the transition slowly devour the old life or take the plunge as soon as it comes. Whatever be the choice, the beauty of transition is realised, only when we overcome the inertia towards change and learn to embrace it. In my case, I have realized how little I know of my city. The city seems almost new beyond the window of my father’s car. Having explored the city only within the confines of my school, coaching class, favorite eateries and malls made me wonder how many metro city dwellers actually explore the city beyond their everyday needs.

The streets of Hyderabad now possess a duality, the lane that passes by my old house wears a deserted look, like a friend who has now alienated me. The new routes that I now take, the drive to my office, welcomes me to a new world, bunch of opportunities, new places to shop, eat – make memories of.



3 thoughts on “The new girl in my city…

  1. Very well written and I felt my heart coming to my mouth… So emotional and so true….. Wish you like these unknown places of Hyderabad as you start missing the dad lesser due to your hectic schedule..


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