The False Start

The beginning is the most important part of the work – Plato

We, like many others, dream of becoming writers. We want to indulge our entire lives in doing what we like – write. Our journey started with a college newspaper. It also ended with that. We always thought we would continue lashing out simple stories one after another; that we would be writing a blog each week; that someone will motivate us to go further and write full-length books.

We started out this blog around a year back. It was a result of teeming frustration with our daily lives, countless inspiring blogs of fellow seniors and mates and finally the undying hope buried somewhere deep within us. We designed it. We wrote a small paragraph on ‘about us’. We even planned what interesting articles we could dish out each week. We promised each other we will not promote it on social media like the others. We kept debating on what the first article should be.

The first article never got written. The discussions ceased and time killed the hope. The blog got buried without a whimper.

Until today…

This is the story of the blog, of the name – Ankahee.


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